Friday, September 10, 2010

Patzcuaro Time Lapse


Earlier in the year, I updated my camera. Yesterday I have finally found some time to play with the new bells and whistles.

The results, a time lapse view of the clouds that have been hanging around over the lake, and around El Estribo. This is only my second attempt at time lapse photography, but I think this has potential!

Clouds  Dancing over Janitzio, on Lake Patzcuaro



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Felipe said...


Steve Cotton said...

Cool feature.

el jubilado said...

Very cool

Dan in NC said...

Nice feature of the camera - but it did require a little patience on your part.. and the ability to foresee what MIGHT be...Well Done!
Dan in NC

Chrissy y Keith said...

Show off! just kidding. Very nice.

Todd said...


Steve Cotton said...

So where are you, man?

Dan in NC said...

Sorry but I have to agree with Steve - 3 mths is a good sabbatical.. Wazupdude?
Time to tickle the keyboard!
Dan in NC

Todd said...

Thanks for the nudge guys, it is nice to know I am missed.

Things have just been a little crazy, this has been a challenging year.

Shannon has just finished 4 surgeries in 30 day, Christmas is over and the new year approaches.

Oh, and the house has sold!

So I will be back at it ASAP!!! The new year will be a new page


Dan in NC said...

WOW the fall & break were one hell of a lot worse than you let on!
Sorry to hear of the problems Shannon has had, and glad the house is now off your shoulders! It was a lovely place, and she's a lovely lady - that should NOT climb ladders! That's what hubby's are for! Anyway, We'll keep an eye out for your next update!
Dan in NC


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