Friday, August 06, 2010

Drool – The New Black


So, are photographers who chase around taking pictures of those still in diapers called the Pooparazzi?

Just got back in the door from doing a significant amount of running around. I have a ton of pictures backloged for lots of fun posts including some really neat places. Until then let me just pop up a picture of a very charming young lady I recently met. Apparently all the hippest young ladies agree that drool is the new black.

A couple of blog items to update, the blog now has it’s own domain, so update your bookmarks to…..

I have also just noticed that my list of blogs I like to visit, that I keep over on the right, seems to have disappeared. I don't know if that happened with the domain move or was caused by something else, but I will get that fixed this week!

1 comment:

Steve Cotton said...

As to the new URL: done and done.


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