Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Janitzio Boat Trip

The Iconic Janitzio Island

We have had our friend, Sharlene visiting with us for a short time. While playing tour guide I have had a chance to take lots of picture I can share with you over the next week or so.

Sharlene also has a blog of her trip.
Shar's Excellent Adventure

So for this excursion we are off to the Island of Janitzio.

To get to the island you need to hop on a boat down at the docks (40 pesos return) and off you go. Usually on this boat you will have vendors selling treats to the tourist and some live music to serenade you.

Yummmm, Pulgar Sabor

On the ride over, the young lady seated next to me found me very interesting. Perhaps I was the first gringo she saw, but I seemed to be endlessly fascinating to her. Sadly I have come to a point in my life where it's noteworthy when young ladies pay any attention to me. When did that happen?

As you approach the island there is a small display put on to demonstrate the traditional fishing with the butterfly nets. Sadly I was on the wrong side of the boat to get any good pictures of that, but they did come around to our side to collect tips though.


Now, Janitzio is neither the most cultural nor the most representative of destinations in the area. It is more of a cheesie/Kitschie sort of stop. Hand made ceramics on the shelf next to the booby mugs.

Going Up!

Now you get to put all that time on the StairMaster to good use. There is a steep trek up to the top of the island to where the Statue of José Morelos stands tall. You can climb the interior of the monument to get a rather striking view of the area. Also, if it is the weekend you get a chance to watch the tradition "dance of the little old men"

"Him, a Mayan prince, her a slave girl. He could own her, but never have her!"

Hand stitched embroideries next to soft core art work that looks like it should be on the cover of a Mexican version of Harlequin Romance. That said, I never seem to make it into the little museum there, so shame on me.

We made it to the top!

After making it to the top and back, we return to the dock for the boat ride home. Now this was clearly the party boat we ended up on this time. 4 piece band going full blast, and within 5 minutes the entire boat was dancing and before we knew it we were pulled into a conga line!

Party Boat!
click on this picture for more detail!

The group that got the party going on the boat, ended up hiring the band to go with them when they hit the dock.

Next stop the Yacatas!


Babs said...

Oh I was beginning to give up hope that you were ever going to write again! I'm so glad to hear from you!!!!
Great post - I think I'll have to dig out my OLD photos of Janitzio before tourism.........

Felipe Zapata said...

Nice photos, Todd. Nice new mugshot of you, too.

However, you are not a Gringo. You are a Canuck. Granted, the locals can´t tell the difference. Neither can we Gringos till you say aboot.

Steve Cotton said...

Todd -- I guess the 2008 resiolution expired. Good to have you back as a poster boy -- as it were.

Frankly Ronda said...

We visted Janitzio in December this year and had a super day! Memorable, surprising, colorful and just plain fun!

Delly said...

Hi Todd!

Your posts always make me smile- good to see a new one!

I went to Janitzio seven years ago while in college. It was an awesome place! I had to buy one of the boobie mugs; I brought it back to the US and it was a hit at a college party one night.

My hubby, 2 year old, and newborn now want to make a trip to Mexico. Hubby's concerned about safety, though- we've been reading Mexican news online and I'm not sure how to respond to his concerns- I'd love to get your perspective on that if you get a chance.

Anyhow, good to hear from you and keep the pics and posts coming!

Felipe Zapata said...

Delly, you´re safer in most of Mexico by far than you are in most of the United States. Really.

Todd said...


Thanks! Hey your cheering got me back on track!


Thanks, yes we are canucks but we look similar. Just missing is the Hawaiian shirt, shorts and socks with sandles!

Steve, as long as it's not a wanted poster!

Todd said...

Delly, Thanks!

I feel so much safer here that north of the border.
Although I try to get through the border towns as fast as I can!

Unless your lifestyle includes drugs, drug traffickers or the people battling them.

Beyond that, there is still crime, like everywhere else in the world, it's just a matter of being sensible.

I had another conversation like this with another lady who found me through my blog. I asked her where she live, and she told me LA.
Now there is a town that scares me.


Trekker Shar said...

Nice post! That was a great day even with the stairs from hell.


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