Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Feather Art in Patzcuaro!

The other day, I was poking my head into Ex Convento Jesuita De Patzcuaro (one block east of Plaza Grande) , if you love masks as much as I do, they have an outstanding mask exhibit on permanent display.

I also noticed some new exhibits. Ceramics in the courtyard, a variety of bas-relief paintings but most striking of all is a display of feather mosaics, "paintings" that use hummingbird feathers instead of paint to create an image.

This picture is made from FEATHERS!

I first heard about this art form when I was talking to Babs about Tlalpujahua. Apparently there is a very talented artist there that works in this medium. The form dates back to 500 BC!

But I wonder, where they get their feathers, are there some naked birds walking around somewhere????

Sadly I am guessing the answer to that question is not as charming as the pictures are.

Details in the feather mosaic.


Steve Cotton said...

Have you seen James Audobon wandering around with his breechloader?

Babs said...

During the Aztecan time, floor lenth robes were made out of feathers with intricate designs and feather painting on them. It is called "arte de plume". As far as I know there are only two such artisans left, one in Michoacan and one in Tepotzlan. I tried to find the last one but he wasn't there that day. The artisan in Michoacan is on my "list of things to do SOON". I don't know the answer about where they get the feathers, but I'll ask when I get there.......
Thanks for sharing! Your blogs are always fascinating and informative.

Babs said...

Todd, I FINALLY got the blogroll on the blog! Thanks so much for your help, whenever it was. Talk about procrastinating - I sure did on doing this task. NOW it's done.

Calypso said...

Interesting - but where we live those 'paintings' would be so much of a dust collector - even behind glass - how do they seal them up? Or do they vacuum them?

Then there is the bird allergy aspect - "art de fume" I think ;-)

Todd said...

They are behind glass, but I dont know if they have any other protection from the dust, this is a dusty time of year here.



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