Saturday, March 15, 2008

You want a bed with large balls?????

We are currently finishing our spare bedroom as we are expecting guests from the great white north. We visited our favourite places in Pichataro for a bed base (with drawers) and a carved headboard, very rustico! While doing so I also provided much entertainment it that little town.

PLEASE NOTE: Cajones means drawers in Spanish, Cojones DOES NOT.

But once we got that straightened out, we popped off to Cuanajo to compare what was available.
Cuanajo is a little village near here that is well known for it's hand made furniture.
Pichataro is a little village near here that should be well known for it's hand made furniture.
Once again, Pichataro was almost half price, gotta like that!

But, enroute we hit a traffic jam! Yes, the constant press of traffic that I moved south to avoid is now creeping into the countryside here in rural Mexico.

Where is the traffic helicopter??

I had the radio on to the local station but didn't hear anything about it till it was too late.

Although I shouldn't be surprised, Just this morning, whilst leaving the house we found the road blocked. One of our young neighbours was slowly cruising by showing off his new ride. Well, kids will be kids.


Jonna said...

cajónes / cojónes - that cracked me up. I could see myself saying the wrong one too. I'll bet you never forget the word for drawer again though.

Todd said...

Spanish Lesson part II.

I have just received a message from Esperanza:

You'll want to know that the spellings for those two words are cajones and cojones. Neither takes a written accent in the plural.

I will fix that now.


Hey if you want to check out Esperanza's blog, its well worth the visit.


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