Monday, March 24, 2008

Join me for breakfast in Patzcuaro?


I thought I would take you along with me for breakfast today.
Step one, go to the fridge for eggs. Hmmmm, no eggs, lets eat out!

Leaving Diego the cat at his security lookout post on the front porch I hop in the truck, and head off to bustling downtown Patzcuaro. Park on Plaza Grande and arrange to have my car washed while I am gone.

9 o'clock and all is well.

Things are quieter now, the big Easter week celebrations are over, and all the artisans are packing up to head out. I am greeted warmly, perhaps one final customer before they leave.


Crossing the street to Portal Hidalgo, the Viernes de Dolores Altar is still up.
One last chance for a picture. No, I didn't lay on the grass to get this picture , what you see on the bottom of the picture are the tops of pots of wheat grass in front to represent resurrection.

Viernes de Dolores

Off I head toward Plaza Chica, turn onto Ramos for this mornings dining destination.
I think the street is Ramos, I will have to check next time.
Halfway down the block I am there at San Diego's!!

Destination Delicious!

This morning breakfast consists of:
  • A cup of coffee, bottomless.
  • Orange juice, freshly squeezed, not bottomless.
  • Chilaquiles in Salsa Verde
  • 2 fried eggs
  • Some refried beans
  • A few rolls
Grand Total $30 pesos, I guess that would be about $3 bucks for the rest of you.
But for that you only get a fork, no knife. Not sure why.


Now that feels better. Off to the post office to check for my book order from and back home. Home in a freshly cleaned truck mind you, also only costing $30 pesos.

I guess I better stop and buy some eggs on the way. One of the many little things that surprised me when we first moved to mexico, is that the eggs in the stores are just sitting on the shelves, not refrigerated. Hmmmm.

So, I guess you get to take me out for breakfast next time.


Steve Cotton said...

You have a deal on the breakfast -- when I get down your way. By the way, who needs a knife for a Mexican breakfast? Forks have cutting edges and bread acts as a backstop for grub-gatherin'. (My English friends cringe when I do my backwoods Oregon routine.)

Your mention of Powell's reminds me of another Oregon habit I will need to abandon when I wander south to the new land of Cotton.

Felipe Zapata said...

That sure does not look like a breakfast for a guy trying to lose weight. It does look good, however. I did not know that joint served breakfast. I thought it was just a coffee shop.

Tell Señor Cotton he does not have to abandon Powell´s when (and if) he moves south.

Powell´s and Amazon are the best way to get English-language books here. You just cannot be in a rush.

Todd said...

Oooopps, and its the second weight in, in a row, where my weight has gone up.

Can I blame easter?
I was doing great till I met this lady near plaza grande selling cornbread muffins of all things!

Well, back to the gym!

1st Mate said...

I found your blog by way of Brenda in Guaymas, who's almost a neighbor (I live in San Carlos when I'm not sailing the coast). Tomorrow you're invited to breakfast in La Cruz, in Banderas Bay just north of Puerto Vallarta. And I'll be sure to add a link to your blog on mine, 1st Mate (

Todd said...

Yum, more for breakfast!

I will also add you to my blog roll!


Anonymous said...

Love this site, love Patzcuaro and Michoacan. I may have to change my fantasy from moving to SMA to moving to Michocan. At least I can afford breakfast in Patz. Wish we had known about you last time we visited Patz.

Buena Suerte y Gracias,

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the breakfast recommendation. I'll check it out!


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