Sunday, November 05, 2006

Welcome to Mayberry!

Shannon is home! yippee!

Here is the picture her ankle, look out airport security!

But while this has been going on all of our neighbors have been nothing but amazing!
It's like time traveling back to Mayberry!

Kitty babysitting, food, offers to help with anything we need.
Popped into Morelia to do some shopping but now we have two sets of meals in the fridge that have been delivers by neighbors.
Life in Corazon de Durazno is even better than expected, and the people we live amongst make it so!

Or maybe I am just seeing things through peach coloured glasses.


Meximando said...

Hey Todd.
Your incredible photography makes me totally JEALOUS! Great color and composition. Do you clean up your images in Photoshop?
If you get a chance, please take pictures of our backyard and sent them to me. I think Florentino is finished. Thanks for the great entertainment in your blog.
Armando and Ellin Cepeda

Todd said...

Thanks Armando, that means a lot coming from you!

No Photoshop, way out of my budget.
I use PaintShop Pro Photo X2'
It will do everything that 90% of the people using Photoshop can do, at about 1/6th the price!



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