Thursday, November 02, 2006

Broken ankle! Surgery required!

Well, Shannon came out of surgery about 1 AM this morning.
7 screws and a plate are now holding her ankle together.
We were quite surprised when we went for X rays yesterday and they dropped the bombshell that surgery was needed and the sooner the better. We thought it was just a bad sprain.

We went to Star Medica in Morelia, and have been quite impressed with how we were treated and the quality of care.

The doctor says the first 24 hours are the most painful, that makes sense.
But as long as things settle down like they usually do Shannon will be home on Saturday!
Yippee! I will then wait on her hand and foot!

Plus now I can call her screwy and get away with it!

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Felipe Zapata said...

Star Medica is an absolutely sterling place. If you have medical issues, always head there.


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