Wednesday, April 02, 2014

A New Friend!

I was writing a post on Facebook to talk about a moment I had today. I realized I haven't blogged about these sorts of things because they seemed too small to be a post.

Then I realized that just because I don't have a lot to say doesn't mean it is not worth sharing.
So hopefully this attitude with jumpstart by blogging again.

Paper Mache

Today I was taking pictures to go into the San Miguel newspaper to promote the Hidden Workshops tour.  These tours help pay for the kids programs at the library. Got to visit with some fun and amazing artisans.


At the paper mache place, I am lining up my shot, and a little face peeks through the doorway, all wide eyed curiosity with a timid smile. A few words, a little laugh and a new connection is made.

It only takes a moment to make and new friend, and I made one today.

A New Friend

Any day that ends with one more friend than it started with, is a good day.

It is not too late, you can go out right now and make a new friend.
Trust me, you will be glad you did!


Shannon said...

That's adorable Todd.

Steve Cotton said...

And it can be that easy.

Todd said...

Thanks Shannon

You got that right Steve!

sparks_mex said...

Nice story and nice fotos !!

Calypso said...

Wow! Love the colorful fish - they are for sale there? Have lots of gray walls to accommodate some colorful pescado ;-)

Todd said...

Thanks Sparks!

Calypso, yes they are all for sale, ramping up production for easter.


Babs said...

Precious smile and new friend! I have SO missed your posts......As Shannon said, "Adorable".

Todd said...

Thanks Babs, I hope this has me back on track!


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