Friday, August 22, 2008

Round Town?

Not as in "What's happening 'round town"
But a town.
That is round.

Some time ago, I came across an across an aerial photo of a town in the eastern part of the state on a message board. A round town that went by the name of Venta de Bravo . Nobody knew why it was round, just seemed sort of odd.

It was right close to the town of Tlalpujahua, and as we were headed there, I thought I would have a quick peek. Now I could be the one to find out why!

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Now when we drive into town, we head for the bullseye of the circle, which turns out to be the church. Guess what, round town = round church, just makes sense.

Round Town = Round Church

It seems that today is a very big day in the little village of Venta de Bravo.
The entire town is out on the street in a procession around the church, singing as they walk.

And of course, round church = round procession.

Round Procession

Every dozen yards or so, they had an altar setup, at which the priest would kneel at and chant.

Gathered 'Round The Altar

Now I want to find out why the town is round, but everyone is in the procession.
But wait, there is one store that is still open on the street. There, standing on top of a 5 gallon bucket, is a young lady watching the proceedings.

"Hello" I say. "why are all the streets in your town, round?
"Oh no, only this street is round" is her reply.
Hmmm think I.

Maybe she is having some fun with the stranger, maybe not.
Either way, the mystery lives on. Perhaps it is better that way.

Her Secret Intact.
(click the picture for a better view)


Felipe Zapata said...

Nice post and photos. You know what? I´ll bet the girl you spoke to actually is not aware of the roundness of her town.

Babs said...

Todd, cool post! I'll have to add that to my "list" of places to see!
The other town you mentioned near there is where one of the two "known" old feather artists lives..........I want to go and meet him and see his work. I've been in that area - it is magnificent.
Glad to see you blogging again!

Todd said...


Feather art, Hmmm, Tell me more???


Babs said...

Arte de plume was an ancient art of the Aztecs. It is HIGHLY prized. There used to be MANY artisans but of course with the decrease in the number of birds with bright plumage, the decrease in artesans. As far as I know there is one in Tepotzlan and one in Michoacan over in the village that makes the Christmas balls, Tlalpujahua. I have two pieces of feather art - small. The MOST prized are pieces made of hummingbird feathers which are teeny. The treasures now made are very expensive, but worth seeing....a dying art.


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