Saturday, July 12, 2008

A Taste of the Cosmopolitan.

A Japanese Restaurant in Patzcuaro!!

One of the things I like about where we live is that we have the best of both worlds.

We have the village of Patzcuaro, a 10 minute drive. With a provincial sort of charm. For a taste of the more cosmopolitan we have Morelia a 30 minuted drive (40 if you drive sensibly)

Well yesterday I discovered a new restaurant in Patzcuaro, that is just a little more cosmopolitan. You will have to look for it. It is very new. It was its second day open when I came across it.

When it comes to Japanese food, I am not much for the Sushi, but love the rest. For my first visit I had the yakimeshi followed by the prawn and vegetable tempura.

When my meal was served, it was presented along with a small wooden bowl. In it were some fresh sliced pepper, and then poured over them was a blend of soy sauce and lime juice. Very tasty !

Light and tasty.

All in all, very enjoyable and highly recommended. I want this restaurant to do well, so I can keep going there! Next time, I think I will try the teppan-yaki.

The restaurant is located on Calle Benito Mendoza, number 8.
That is the western most street that goes between Plaza Grande and Chica.

Currently the picture below shows the sign to look for on the street, but I assume that it will be updated soon.

The gateway to Japan?

Below you can see the menu, click on the picture for a larger view, and I hope to see you there!


Don Cuevas said...

Good work, Todd! Hanks for finding and reporting on this place. You are a true epicurean adventurer to brave a new Japanese restaurant, in, of all places, Pátzcuaro.


Felipe Zapata said...

Hot dang almighty! You are one useful sumbitch. We will be going there pretty quick. Why pretty quick? Because this place has the survival chance of a snowball in Hades.

Maybe I´m wrong, but don´t bet on it.

The people here are stunningly provincial. Restaurants that open which do not serve the same ole, same ole usually go broke. And quickly.

Sad but true.

Most tourists here are other Mexicans and they, as much as the locals, want their sopa Tarasca more than anything.

If this were San Miguel the Gringos would keep it alive. But this is Pátzcuaro.

Get your Japanese grub fast. They´ll be selling "Japanese" carnitas in six months.

Todd said...

Thanks guys!

One of the reason I posted about it was to hopefully aid in its success.
Especially as it is SO hidden!

See you there!


Delly said...

Hi Todd!

Wow- this was great to read. I just want to thank you for your blog. I can't tell you how much I love reading your updates. I really look forward to them.

Not sure if I've introduced myself before, but I'm a 27 year old married female with a 2 year old son. My hubby and I have been dying to relocate to Morelia or a surrounding area for some time now. We are praying that financially we will be able to do so soon, mainly to give our son the opportunity to know Mexico. I visited Morelia , Patzcuaro, Santa Clara del Cobre, Janitzio, and a few other places years ago while on college exchange in Cuernavaca, since my host family had relatives in Morelia. I fell in love and never forgot it. I liked it ten times better than Cuernavaca, which I liked quite a bit, so that's saying a lot.

Reading your blog brings back memories for me and keeps me in touch, too. I miss this place very badly but you help keep the it alive in me.

I wish the restaurant much success and I hope it's still there when we make it down because my hubby LOVES Japanese food!

Delly Mellor

Todd said...

Thanks Delly!


Brenda Maas said...

Sounds yummy. Do they do breakfast? lol

Todd said...

LOL Sorry Brenda, no breakfast!

But I am sure we can come up with something if when you make it this way!!


Deb Hall ~ Zocalo de Mexican Folk Art said...

Ah so! We will be right over as soon as we hit town. EEE-tah-dah-keee-mahs! (phonetic Japanese for buen provecho).


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