Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Great Mexican Mail Race!

The Patzcuaro Post Office, AKA the starting line.

Just the other day, Heather, over at
Did a post about the mail service.

That post has now lead to the Great Mexican Mail race. So now there are 12 of us who are mailing post cards to Playa Del Carmen, with Heather tracking the times as a test of her mail service.

My contribution left yesterday, June 24, in the PM.

On the way to Heather are 3 postcards.
BUT, I have written her message across the 3 cards so she will have to get them all to see what I have to say.

This is what it looked like before I mailed them. With a little photoshop so as not to share her address, and to keep the message secret till she gets them.

Hmmmmmm, Secret Message!


Anonymous said...

Ooooh, cool! I'm so excited!

Steve Cotton said...

OK, Todd. Your post displays all of the symptoms of a man who spends his days in a log cabin with no companion other than the one-eyed alligator he won at the Kamloops Fair.

Todd said...

Yah Heather, the race is one!

Steve - If you only knew what an improvement that is over two years ago when I got here!!!


Islagringo said...

very clever indeed!

Babs said...

IF she gets all three - ever - it can go down as one of those miracles - like the "Virgen" of Guatelupe........ooops.

Todd said...

LOL, Priceless

Steve Cotton said...

OK. Where are the post cards? Did Larry steal them? Is Diego reading them to the unidentified hatchlings?

Todd said...

Seriously Steve, If you think the postcards would have arrived by now, you will be in for a lot of surprises when you move down here!



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