Monday, July 16, 2007


Well, now that we are in the house, the yard will now need a great deal of attention.

It is a bit of a disaster area, but we hope to landscape it bit by bit.

Started last week by planting all along the fence line to cover up a less than attractive fence.
Went with what they call here "Zisus" which we think is Virginia creeper, alternating with Lantana.
so we get coverage and a little bit of colour.

We have also found an incredible nursery south of us in the near the town of Lombardia, and came across a really interesting cactus.

Maybe once I get the gardening going, we will have a separate blog for that, until then, here are a couple of pictures of todays purchase.

Perhaps related to "Chicks and Hens"?

Striking, Tiny Orange Blooms

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