Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The Non - Eclipse.

Last week there was a total lunar eclipse.

Things have been crazy with us in the later stages of the house.
Flooring, bathroom tiles, kitchen tiles, sinks, so much to do.
I have some serious updating to do to the blog, maybe a nice way to do that would be to get some cool pictures of the eclipse.

Okay, I know it will be out of totality by the time the moon rises here, but maybe I can still get some nice pictures.

All setup with the camera on the upstairs patio, a nice frosty beer on the table.
Diego the cat splitting his time between chasing Larry the rabbit and exploring the roof.

Poor Diego, we are not letting him roam outside till he gets his last shot (Rabies) and he gets fixed! Hopefully next week. He would really like to go outside and play.

As the sun sets I play with the camera, firing at will.

As the moon finally rises its big , bright and beautiful, but not very eclipsed!

Oh well, still a fine evening in Patzcuaro.
Maybe some of the other pictures will turn out.

I think I hear other cats out there!

Venus Rise Over Patzcuaro.

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