Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Having An Adventure....


South of San Miguel, out in the campo, over bridges and through a dark and dusty tunnel is a little village that is well known for a having a very old, very large tree.

For some time I have been meaning to visit and take some pictures, yesterday I did just that.

Before I tell you about my visit, let me share the picture I finally made.


Huerta FB

Sabino de la Huerta


The enjoyment you get out of life is not simply a matter of what happens to you , but more a matter of your reaction to what happens to you. For more years than I can remember, whenever Shannon and I took a wrong turn, we wouldn't say we were lost, we would say we were "having an adventure"

Many years ago, when we first moved to Patzcuaro, and my Spanish was more textbook that typical usage, I was heading into town on some errand. Our neighbor, a charming Mexican lady, was heading to town also so I gave her a lift. Keep in mind that I was new, the roads were new to me, and my neighbor and I were new to each other. Surprise, surprise! I took a wrong turn. Me being a person of habit, turn to my passenger and say in Spanish that we were going to have an "aventura " . 

Little did I know that in addition to my intended meaning, in Spanish for that word  also meant a "romantic affair". Lucky for me she had a good sense of humor.




So, back to yesterday. While driving out to visit the tree with my friend Emma, I took a wrong turn, and a new adventure begins.

Enter Don Cruz and his family! They, like many in the area  are basket weavers, as we sit and chat, his nephew is busily demonstrating their craft.



The nephew of the clan, nimble fingers at work

In addition to baskets, Don Cruz likes to weave a story or too, perhaps some of them are tall tales even.

He is a man who has honed his story telling over many decades , as he talks , his hands dance more than those of his nephew weaving baskets. His voice rises, falls and skips around the words. He tells of the time he first traveled to a beach, for the sole purpose of seeing the girls there that he has heard so much about.  We learn about his time picking oranges north of the border when there was an immigration raid. Many ran and were caught, he just climbed the tree and hid there. As he explained to me “ I was comfortable, in the shade, plus with the oranges I had both food and drink.  I find his Spanish very challenging, some of his stories I miss points and details but I hesitate to break the spell by interrupting.



85 years, a million stories

If you get a chance to meet Don Cruz, ask to hear his story about the governor and the pistol, or maybe the one about the Spaniard and the girl from Reynosa, or of the time he met Stirling Dickinson, trust me, you will not regret it!

Almost as much fun was watching his kindly wife watch us as she listened to the stories for the umpteenth time, a wry smile bubbling up as she anticipated a punch line or a twist in the story approaching, bursting into laughter with us in spite of knowing all the endings.


True love is laughing at the same story a hundred times!

I truly enjoyed visiting the tree and getting the picture that I have wanted for some time, but I know I will value my visit with Don Cruz much longer than the picture I took that day.

Maybe you might like to share your “wrong turn “ story in the comments, I would love to hear it!

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

A New Friend!

I was writing a post on Facebook to talk about a moment I had today. I realized I haven't blogged about these sorts of things because they seemed too small to be a post.

Then I realized that just because I don't have a lot to say doesn't mean it is not worth sharing.
So hopefully this attitude with jumpstart by blogging again.

Paper Mache

Today I was taking pictures to go into the San Miguel newspaper to promote the Hidden Workshops tour.  These tours help pay for the kids programs at the library. Got to visit with some fun and amazing artisans.


At the paper mache place, I am lining up my shot, and a little face peeks through the doorway, all wide eyed curiosity with a timid smile. A few words, a little laugh and a new connection is made.

It only takes a moment to make and new friend, and I made one today.

A New Friend

Any day that ends with one more friend than it started with, is a good day.

It is not too late, you can go out right now and make a new friend.
Trust me, you will be glad you did!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Wanna Live in Michoacán?

I have recently helped a friend of mine put together a couple of websites for some properties she has for sale.
Her main property is in Patzcuaro.

And her beach property on the Michoacán coast.

This property sold, so I have removed the link

Have a look if you might be interested, or pass it on to anyone you think might.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Art Vs Graffiti–Muros en Blanco

Image00017 Bg

Perhaps the flowers in the Jacaranda Tree are feeling a little jealous!

We just had an event close to our home here in San Miguel de Allende. You can find more about then on their facebook page.

Here is how it was described in an email that informed me of the event.
Friday, March 22 and Saturday March 23, Colonia Guadalupe will host 22 artists (7 local and 15 visiting from around Mexico) to paint 13 walls on 3 streets! (Maria Felix, Margarito Ledesma, Julian Carrillo)  The future will bring internationally known artists from all over Latin America.  We will have the best-of-the-best Guadalupe street vendors and a high-energy, festive atmosphere.  Watching a mural come to life from beginning to the finish is a fascinating process!! 
This a wonderful alternative to tagging , these murals are OUTSTANDING! If you get a change to check it out it is in Colinia Quadalupe. Well worth the trip when you are in town.

It is also very close to our favorite new restaurant. I think you may have seen Shannon’s post on it recently.
I will be meeting  a friend there Friday in order to have nother look. If you beat me to Hanses, please leave a porkchop for me!

Image00029 Bg

Rich colors!

Equipped with a large number of colors, and sometime a “gas mask” sort of unit, the 30 artist when to work.
I took pictures for a number of days in order to record the progress on the pieces.
I how posted 3 of my favorite pictures, but if want to see more, I have also made a video of the pictures you can check out on the bottom of the page.

Image00014 Bg

Perhaps this is the corn goddess!

Please feel free to share the video and the post, I would love to get this great project the attention it deserves.

Street Art Festival - San Miguel from Todd McIntosh on Vimeo.

Share the post, share the video, lets get a buzz going!


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